On-Demand Assisted Transportation

Become a Provider

Become a Provider

Join the Butterfli Network.

If you are in assisted transportation and put your customers first, we'd like to talk with you. Whether your fleet has one vehicle or one hundred, the Butterfli network can increase your business and make it run more smoothly. Together we can care for more people than we can apart.

Please fill out the short application below to get started. Of course you can pick up the phone and call us anytime 855-267-2354.

All the companies in the Butterfli network carry insurance appropriate to the important work that we do. As part of the application process, we ask that you send us a Certificate of Insurance listing Butterfli Technologies as an additional insured. Our minimum insurance requirements are:

  1. General Liability Coverage (minimum requirement is $1MM per occurrence/$2MM aggregate).
  2. Automobile Liability Coverage (minimum requirement is $1MM combined single limit).
  3. Butterfli Technologies Inc. is named as an Additional Insured.

via email: compliance@gobutterfli.com or fax: (213) 489-3761.

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