On-Demand Assisted Transportation

ButterFLi Certified Driver

Professional Driver

Name:  Andrew Downard

Phone:  (310) 486-1833

ButterFLi Transportation Provider:  Silver Transport

License:  Class C

Expiration:  05/05/2024

DMV Pull Notice:  ACTIVE

DOJ Background Check:  08/08/2016

Drug Test:  08/07/2016 (subject to random)

Sensitivity Training:  PASSED 08/07/2016

Safety Training:  PASSED 08/07/2016

CPR and First Aid: 08/07/2016

Bloodborne Pathogens:  Not completed

Services:  Door-to-Door, Wheelchair

ButterFLi ID:  0000000000

Call Butterfli toll-free at (855) 267-2354 to verify.