On-Demand Assisted Transportation

Provider Training

Provider Training

Consistent Excellence is built on Consistent Training

Excerpt from the ButterFLi Sensitivity Training manual

Sensitivity Training

Butterfli clients receive specialized service from professional drivers, who have been background checked, are subject to random drug tests, have First Aid/CPR training, and have experience with door-to-door assisted transportation (including wheelchair-accessible and gurney-accessible). Butterfli complements these safety-related requirements with sensitivity training, to ensure a high level of caring professionalism in the network.

Butterfli Verifies

Butterfli's Compliance Department ensures that drivers are qualified, up-to-date on certifications, and current with training. Why does the top roadside service provider in the world trusts its members with Butterfli? Because the network's professional drivers deliver exceptional service. And it is no accident. By choosing great businesses to partner with, and then adding an extra layer of screening, Butterfli goes to great lengths to ensure an excellent experience for each client.

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