On-Demand Assisted Transportation

Why ButterFLi?

Why Butterfli?

First of its kind software platform.

You have extra capacity, but filling it is hard. Butterfli is the solution. In addition, however, we give you all the tools you need to automate your operation:

  1. On-Demand and scheduled ride coordination;
  2. Dispatching;
  3. Managing driver compliance; and
  4. Invoicing, payment, and tracking receivables (including credit card, check, Medicare/Medicaid, municipal transit, and invoicing contracts).
 The Butterfli transportation provider dashboard.

The Butterfli transportation provider dashboard.

When a small company can buy like a big company.

Once your fleet is better utilized you'll want to turn those profits into more vehicles. This means more financing. More insurance. More gasoline. Butterfli's buying group supports you with:

  • Discounted vehicles;
  • Access to preferred financing rates;
  • Pooled insurance rates;
  • Fleet cards for fuel to save an additional 5%-15%;
  • A customized website (compatible with mobile phone browsers), for tracking your fleet, your revenue, and your receivables;
  • Access to unpublished pricing on in-vehicle video, GPS, monitors, etc.; and
  • Industry-leading payment terms (including same-day payment, for an additional fee).