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We match the right transportation option to meet your needs: affordable, accessible, and personal.

Businesses add value by using ButterFLi for their rider’s transportation needs

When you become a provider your riders are empowered with ButterFLi’s user friendly app to book rides and your business increases efficiency and profitability with zero customer acquisition cost!

Riders have peace of mind knowing
they will get there on time

Pick up the phone and speak with our logistics coordinator. No registration or application is necessary. Use your credit or debit card for convenient payment. If you request an on-demand ride, we’ll pick you up within an hour. You may also schedule a ride in advance.

ButterFLi rider process

Request a ride

Click to “Book A Ride”, use our ButterFLi app, or call 1-855-267-2354

Mobility information is gathered

We ask each rider what their needs are: wheelchair, gurney, or ambulatory

ButterFLi is dispatched

Driver will assist you in and out of vehicle

Driver is sent to pick you up

Your driver will meet you at your selected pick up location.

Rider is safely dropped off at destination

Your driver will assist you in and out of vehicle.

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Transportation options

Request a ride

The ButterFLi Network is ADA-Compliant

ButterFLi transformed wheelchair-accessible transportation to a new standard of excellence. Our drivers are fully trained to provide safe, professional, and caring service.

Our customers can have one family member, friend, or attendant accompany them for free!

Ambulatory Door-to-Door

Your ButterFLi driver will greet you at your door,
help you into the car, and safely get you to your destination.


Non-Emergency Gurney Transportation

One of the more impactful services that ButterFLi offers is bringing quality-of-life transportation to people who require a gurney-accessible vehicle. This service is an affordable alternative to an ambulance!

See how ButterFLi helped 100 businesses during challenging times

ButterFLi benefits

  • Scheduling a ride – Use the ButterFLi Passenger app, book online, or call the ButterFLi toll free number

  • Anyone can ride with us! Our riders are not required to qualify or register for our service

  • Quality and reliable service – All of our drivers go through an extensive background check as well as a sensitivity and safety training

  • ButterFLi operates 24/7

Ambulatory and wheelchair customers – One family member, friend, service-animal, or personal care attendant travels for free